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East Central Electric is geared to provide all classes of electric service required to meet the demands of its members ... whether residential or commercial, including farm and farm home, the oil field, small and large businesses, industrial, schools and churches.

Rates are adopted by the Board of Trustees, with the purpose of providing quality electric service at the lowest possible cost.

There are separate rate schedules for different classes of service, and all, including security lights, are subject to a Power Cost Adjustment and Consumer Cost Adjustment.

Rate schedules for all classes of service (farm and residential, commercial, small and large power) are available upon request.


The most frequently used class is the farm and residential for single phase, 60 hertz service. Rates for this class are as follows:


SUMMER - (May 1 - Sept. 30)

  • Customer Charge: $17.50 per month
  • Plus Energy Charge:  All kWh $0.073055 per kWh

WINTER - (Oct. 1 - April 30)

  • Customer Charge: $17.50 per month
  • Plus Energy Charge: First 2,000 kWh = $0.073055 per kWh
  • Over 2,000 kWh = $0.058055 per kWh


  • Reconnect - $100
  • Meter Tampering - $250
  • Service Initiation Fee (In office) - $10
  • Connect (In field) - $50
  • Trip Charge - $50
  • After Hours Trip Charge - $100
  • Returned Item Fee - $25
  • Late Payment Charge - 2% 


As of September 2021, Two new rate riders were implemented, applying to Electric Vehicles and Medical Grow Facilities. 

Electric Vehicle Rates Rider

Medical Grow Facilities Rates Rider

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