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Surge Protection

Lightning, accidents, and heavy equipment start-ups cause power spikes and surges to occur. Once inside your home, high voltage spikes can damage sensitive electronic devices. Anything plugged into an electrical outlet, antenna cable or telephone line is susceptible to damage.



The SpaceSaver 320A compact Meter arrester is your first line of defense against incoming surges.  The SS320A is a thin, low profile meter socket surge arrester suitable for both 200 Amp and 320 Amp meter enclosures.  The SS320 protects electric circuits and large "non-electric" appliances.  The unit contains quality TVSS circuitry that provides reliable performance at up to 45,000 Amp surges.  It withstands multiple surges and has an expected 20year life.  The SS320A includes a thermal disconnect on each phase, and internal shield for safe installation and an operational indicator that verifies the SS320 surge protection is functional. 

$165 + tax


To purchase or for more information, contact the Cooperative at, 918-756-0833.



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